Q.) What is this?
A.) This is a blog. That's why it on Blogger. I'm not sure what kind of a blog it will be though, so don't ask me that yet. I may do reviews, or stories, or any combination of the above. I may also ignore it. We'll see.

Q.) Why is it called Questionable Intelligence?
A.) Well, you see, there's this show on the BBC called QI, for Quite Interesting. Stephen Fry runs it, actually. When I first heard it referred to as QI, my mind immediately thought "Questionable Intelligence." I thought that it was a cool name for a blog, so I started one.

Q.) What do you blog about here?
A.) Really, whatever I'm feeling at the time. Sometimes, after watching a movie or an anime series, or playing a video game, or reading a book I'll have a thought. However, usually when I have this thought, no one really wants to listen to me talk about it because I haven't fully formed it yet. So, I'll come back, think on it some more, and if I still feel like I have something to say, I'll write it up in a blog post, just to get it off my chest. The other main thing that I use this for is keeping a travel journal. Partly this is to keep people updated with what I'm up to as I go around the world, but the main reason is really so that I have something I can look back at later and remember what I did.

Q.) How often is this updated?
A.) Honestly, you're lucky that I'm even doing an FAQ. Do you know how hard it is to think up both the questions and the answers? It's twice the work!

Q.) So, is that once a month, or...?
A.) I have no idea. Whenever I have time, and something to say.

Q.) That's not a good answer.
A.) And that's not a good question.

Q.) Where are you from?
A.) I grew up in Canada (NW Ontario, specifically), but lately I've been living in the States, getting my education and working.

Q.) How old are you?
A.) Actually, I'm the same age as you are (plus or minus 60 years).

Q.) Are you going to forget that this exists?
A.) Probably. Although I haven't yet...

Q.) Do you even have anything worth listening to?
A.) No, but that sounds like the Internet in general, so I'm not worried.

Q.) Wait, did you actually update this FAQ?
A.) I don't know if I'd count adding a question that only serves to comment on the fact that I don't ever update this FAQ counts as updating the FAQ... I'd say no, mister meta-question-asker.

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