Monday, 16 September 2013

5 Dragons Again

So, this past weekend there was another showing of The 5 Dragon Daughter, that amazing stage show that I first saw almost two years ago now. I just figured that I'd take this opportunity to remind people of its existence, and reiterate how amazing it is. Because, even after experiencing it a second time, it is still the best piece of media that I have ever seen. I say "piece of media" because it isn't a play, it isn't a concert, and it isn't a motion comic, but it does combine elements from all of these forms of media to create something amazing. Check out a trailer here.

I don't really have all that much to add to my previous write-up, except for the fact that it stands the test of time. There is definite re-watch value here. If they're showing it again in the spring, I'd go then too.
A sketch of the daughter, standing, waiting for her lover to come.
That's some stylish album cover right there.
This time, because I wanted to support the artists, I bought a copy of the official soundtrack. Plus the music is awesome in itself and I regretted not buying it last time. It's a live recording of the performance, but in spite of that it's a really good quality CD. You can checkout some of the songs on their website, and if you like them they have a store for digital distribution. Apparently they're working on making a DVD of the show, so I know what I'm buying whenever that comes out...

One of the cool things that they do is they auction off pieces of art that people make related to the show. There is a silent auction that runs for the entire show, and at the end they announce who won each painting. I wish that I had a lot more money, because I would totally buy one of those and mount it on my wall. I really want to support these people with my money.

They don't have any announced shows right now, but please, keep an eye out for that, and go watch it whenever you get the chance. Also, keep an eye on Seriously Productions, the people who made the show. They're currently writing the follow-up to The 5 Dragon Daughter, and it's due to come out next year sometime. It's called The Scrimshaw Crown, and they showed a trailer for it at the end of this show. There is an official site, but as of the time of this writing, it's empty.

I am excited for it though. Whenever it comes out, I'll find a way to watch it, and I'll write it up here. For sure.

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