Tuesday, 3 January 2012

England: Day Seven

This is Day 7 in a series. You might want to check out the previous day, or start at the introduction.

Today was crazy busy.

We started out the day with a tour of BBC Studios. Right outside the front doors, this is parked:
The TARDIS is parked in front of BBC Studios.
It's the TARDIS from Doctor Who,
in case you don't know.
The tour started out in the BBC News room. They told us about how they have a central database (called "Jupiter") were both the radio and the TV news teams draw from. They also mentioned (several times) how the building is shaped like a question mark. This is the courtyard on the inside of the question mark:
The fountain in the center of the question mark, now turned off.
A fountain that makes people pee.
Next they took us to the set of Blue Peter, which is apparently the longest running children's show ever:
The news desk and staircase from the show.
The set, not currently in use.
I suppose that it is much beloved by British children, but I'd never even heard of it. They also took us into a studio room that was completely empty, and then took us to one that was being set up for a game show. It was fascinating to see the difference. Apparently, they paint (and then strip) the floor every day.

After the tour, we went to the British Museum, known for housing the Rosetta Stone:
It was very crowded, but you can see the real stone.
You can kind of see the reflection on the case.
It has lots and lots of Egypt artifacts, more than any other location. It is also in possession of the original (I believe) painting of The Great Wave:
I got to see the real painting (and a replica) right close up.
Such a famous painting.
Another display case showed off the medals for the 2012 London Olympics:
Some of the real medals, turned so you can see both sides.
The Olympic medals on display. Stupid flash.
Unfortunately, my camera was doing that thing again where it refuses to even turn on, so I don't really have many other pictures.

The museum was massive, and we spent several hours there. When we left, it was rush hour and we were taking the subway. It was so crowed that I almost didn't get into the subway car before the doors closed. In fact, it was so close, and the doors closed so fast that I actually got hit on the head by the door hard enough that it drew a tiny bit of blood. It stung for a while, and now I have a goose egg.

After that, we stopped off at the hotel for supper, and then went to see Wicked. Unfortunately, due to thinking that the theatre was in a different location than it was (my dad's fault, not mine), we ended up a 8.60 pound taxi ride away. By the time that we got to the theatre, we were 20 minutes late. So I'd love to know what happens in the first 20 minutes. We walked in during "The Wizard and I."
Anyhow, the play itself was fantastic. I loved it. I had thought that "Defying Gravity" would be my favourite song (because I've heard it before, and I liked it), but it turns out that I liked "No Good Deed" (or whatever it's called) even more. Fantastic song. All of the singers were great, but the female leads were especially great. The orchestra did a marvellous job as well. I'm very glad that I went to see it.

So, that was our day. Tomorrow we have absolutely no plan, so I guess we'll see what happens!

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