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England: Day Six

This is Day 6 in a series. You might want to check out the previous day, or start at the introduction.

Remember how I said that today was going to be a slow day? Yeah, I was wrong. This was actually the day that both my dad and I were looking forward to the most, and it was probably the highlight of my trip.

So, thanks to a tip off by an awesome cab driver, we found out that there's this show on right now called the Doctor Who Experience. We looked it up last night, and discovered that the only day that it was open while we were here was today. So guess where we went?

It was absolutely fantastic. There was a ~30 minute interactive tour thing that was better and less cheesy than I expected. I got to speak like a Dalek and a Cyberman, pilot the TARDIS (I may have slightly set it on fire...don't tell anyone...), and save the Doctor from an ancient mythological trap. It was fairly awesome.

The rest of the show was a sort of museum showcasing props and outfits and sets from the entire series' run. For example, here is the pyjamas that David Tennant wore in The Christmas Invasion:
They're just set up on a mannequin, not a David Tennant look-alike.
That was a good episode.
Here is the TARDIS (and Matt Smith):
It's kind of an uncanny valley moment for the mannequin.
Bow-ties are cool!
Here is David Tennant's Sonic Screwdriver (actually melted in The Eleventh Hour):
The real melted Sonic Screwdriver from the episode.
Why did they have to melt it?
Here is David Tennant's TARDIS interior (actually melted and burned in The End of Time Part Two):
The console, in all it's melted glory.
Once again... Why did they have to melt it?
Here are some Daleks:
Both the Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor (Power Ranger) Daleks.
And I have lots of other pictures. Lots more.

So, if you're in London before February 22 and you like Doctor Who, I highly recommend that you check the Doctor Who Experience out.

After that fantastic morning, we went to pick up our tickets to the Arsenal vs. Fulham game. While doing that, we went into a shop and saw this:
The box containing the rights to drive any one of four super cool cars.
It's a pretty genius idea, don't you think?
As long as you don't crash...
This is one of the coolest ideas ever. For 140 pounds, you could buy the right to take out an Aston Martin (my choice), Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Audi R8 to the test track and drive it for a while. I probably would have bought that if we had had a way of getting to the test tracks, but alas, we did not. But, I mean, driving an Aston Martin DB9! That would have been so cool! Ooooo...
OK, so I like cars. I dislike driving in general, but I think that this would be worth it.

Moving on, we went back to the hotel for a quick break before leaving for the Arsenal game. The game was at Craven Cottage, which is the home stadium for Fulham:
The seats on the opposite (home team) side spell out Fulham.
That was what it looked like
before the people showed up.
We were sitting right behind one of the nets, so this sign was posted:
Seriously, they have a sign saying to "Beware of Flying Balls," and they need it.
I thought that it wasn't serious. I was wrong.
It was surprisingly applicable. I did in fact get hit, by a soccer ball, in the head. Good times.

I'm just assuming that this is why it's called Craven Cottage:
There's actually a cottage on the premises.
Makes me think of a fairy tale.
I saw this sign and decided that I would be patriotic and root for Fulham, rather than Arsenal, which is my dad's team:
A scrolling ad saying "Canadian Solar: Powering Fulham Football Club."
Yay Canada! I didn't even know we had solar!
So, apparently the Fulham mascot is a badger:
The mascot is a badger in a yellow shirt.
Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger...
I find that very amusing, considering this past semester...

At the game, I was shocked to discover that I was sitting next to Sylar:
Probably not actually him, but he looks so similar!
Alternatively Spock.
That's not a very good picture (because it's hard to sneak pictures), but I promise that he looks exactly like Zachary Quinto, but slightly younger I think.

Anyhow, the game itself was very exciting. Lots of chances for both sides. Unfortunately, the teams took turns as to who would play well, so that in both halves all of the exciting action was on the other side of the field from us.
20 minutes into the game, Arsenal scored, going up with an early 1-0. Although there were other chances, there was no change to the score until 5 minutes remaining, when Fulham scored, making it 1-1 (shortly after Arsenal was given a red card). And finally, in the final minute of extra time, Fulham scored again, giving them a 2-1 home win. I was happy, but my dad (understandably), wasn't. I guess that it was his turn, because my team lost on Saturday.

So, that was our day. Tomorrow won't be super slow either. I'm actually rather looking forward to it!

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